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Erotic touch

– the summer 2018

Released in the middle of november 2018

A bunch of poems written by an almost 70 year old woman, who fell deeply in love after starting to date an old school mate. She met him at their 50 year anniversary of their high school certificate in 1968. The poems have drawings by the Swedish artist Mia Samuelsson.

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Duo Compositions”Duo Compositions” by Hanne Rømer & Marietta Wandal


30 compositions for piano and saxophone or another melodic instrument – right there to read and play. You can buy the leaflet by sending an e-mail to with informations about your name and adress. You will pay over the bank or Paypal. The book costs about 20€ plus shipmant.

Download lead sheets: Eb-parts and Bb-parts


sax in the city
Amanda Music 2006 (AMA 0601)

One saxophone ensemble – five individuals and their glorious instruments: sax in the city is both musical fireworks and an experimental journey – and it is grooving!!!

Andreas Burckhardt (as, ss, didjeridoo) Jonny Möller (as, ss, perc.) Hanne Rømer (ts, voc), Anselm Simon (ts, ss, cl), Edgar Herzog (bs, bass cl)

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Walking with the slow Turtle

Hanne Rømer & Marietta Wandall Duo
Amanda Music 2005 (AMA 05001)

”WALKING WITH THE SLOW TURTLE” at the same time versatile, rich on nuances, personality, expressive, soft and poetic, beautiful and surprising. Cross over music building bridges between jazz and the European music tradition, but also taking leaps into ethnic music, folklore and experiments with both sounds and rhythms. At that time 25 years of confidence and freedom include the meeting with two mature artists for ever seeking the effortless and genuine elegant musical lines, as true improvisors grabbing the Here and Now.
It is the 4th cd with Hanne Rømer and Marietta Wandall – playing their own compositions, celebrating creativity and a long and on-going togetherness.

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Everything you wanna know about Spring

Hanne Rømer/ Mads Granum Quartet
Amanda Music 2004 cd & art book (AMA 0401)

Musicians: Hanne Rømer, vocals and saxophones; Mads Granum, piano; Jesper Bodilsen, bass; Alex Riel, drums; Guests: Vincent Nilsson: trombone. Sandra Hempel: guitar; Charlotte Hallberg: pan flute. Markus Zell: cajon.
The German painter and sculptor Milan Drews translated spring sensations into pictures that round off the listening pleasure together with the lyrics of the songs. 2004.

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Between Pain And Joy

Hanne Rømer & Marietta Wandall Duo
Amanda Music 2002 (AMA2002)

Hanne Rømer (saxophones, vocals) and Marietta Wandall (piano)
”Distinguished duo. On this new cd, you´ll find compositions of a very high and unmistakanbly distinctive character, that successfully builds a bridge between the European classical tradition and jazz”.
Boris Rabinowitsch. 3-8-00 “Politikken”

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Rytmisk hørelære 1 og 2

Teaching books on ear-training for smaller groups and music schools, high schools etc.. in Danish.

An overall and easily accessible introduction to the basic concepts of the rhythmic music. Understand the music through the ear and body! Called a “rhythmic” ear training because the persistent pulse sensation is a must in all exercises. Strengthens not only intellectual development and understanding, but also the body.

We present the chromatic Do system, because it is a tool that opens the ear, forcing the music student to use the voice, because it allows singing alterations and chromaticity – and because it is prettier to sing in the do re, mi than on tone names and step names.

The purpose is to strengthen the inner ear to be able to:
– Write your own ideas/compositions
– improvise
– arrange
– transcribing solos
– transcribe entire compositions
– and much more

Children wellcome the new Milennium

Jomfru Fanny Bigband and children from Aabenraa
Amanda Music 2000 (AMA 2001)

Live recording from the concert in Aabenraa: The stage is set. At the back there is a 16m broad stairway of 6 to 8 steps on which 350 children stand throughout the performance. They are arranged mixed according to their voices, with 40-60 of them, who have been trained in part-singing, forming a filled half-circle in the middle, and the rest standing on both sides…The Big Band has 20 musicians sitting at downstage left with the vocal soloists to the right.


Hanne Rømer / Mads Granum Quartet
Amanda Muisc 1999 (AMA 9901)

Hanne Rømer/Mads Granum Quartet plays jazz standards with Morten Ramsbøl bas, and Kristian Leth, drums. Per Calum, “Jyllandsposten” wrote: “Hanne Rømer can sing. She´s got good phrasing, enunciation, and rhythm as well as a pretty voice. She also plays an impressive solid tenor and soprano sax when she needs to give her vocal chords a rest.” 1999.

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Hanne Rømer & Marietta Wandall duo
Amanda Music 1994 (AMA 9401)

Hanne Rømer & Marietta Wandall, play their own compositions based on variuos inspirations from classical impressionism over ethnic influences to the groovy stiles in different jazz stiles. 1994.

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Come Rain or come Shine

Hanne Rømer Quartet
Amanda Music 1994 (AMA 9403)

Get ready to cover a lot of ground. The ten tasty numbers played by Hanne Rømer Jazz Quartet, with specail guests, trumpeter Henrik Bolberg and the choir “Cis Mol-Syv”, encompass the 50’s and the 90’s, samba and be-bop, Bornholm and L.A. and most anything in between. Musicians: Jens-Ole Andresen, piano; Jesper Bodilsen, bas; Steen Raahauge, percussion. 1994.

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Hanne Rømer & Marietta Wandall Duo
Music Mecca 1990 (1012-2 Music Mecca)

The summer 1990 the duo released their first cd: “Akijava”, recorded and mixed at Rainbow Studios, Oslo 1st & 2nd September 1989 and February 3rd & 4th 1990.

Hanne Rømer and Marietta Wandall started their duo in 1978. During the years they have created and developed their own very personal “sound scape” based on original compositions and sonorous improvisations. The music on this album can be described as a combination of inspirations from jazz and classical music, with a touch of ethnic music as well.

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