4. The doors

There’s something about doors. First it was the revolving door into the Radio House. For a little girl eleven years old, it was huge and dangerous. I became a member of the Radio Girls’ Choir at the age of eleven. Twice a week I had to enter through that door, pas the reception and find […]

2. The green piano

stands out from the wall, just to the right when entering. Only after passing it’s back wearing a piece of African batik as decoration put on with drawing pins, one understands that it is a large upright piano with profiles and candlesticks around the music stand.   It’s in my study and at the same time […]

1. Dirt-Pants

Days of snow drifts, and the roads are almost impassable. The windshield wipers work, but do not make the view easier for our father. He sits tense behind the wheel with responsibility for wife and three children.  We are on Bornholm. I’m fourteen years old, and I have  stomach pains. When the destination finally comes into […]

The seven Queens

The intruder (from 7.10.2017) One of them has taken over. She is steeling the show, and she is behaving like a child. I have to find out, who she is. It has become too much during the past month, close to scary. There are seven queens. I have always felt that Francisca was the artist […]